Artist Tatyana Denisova

The really strong motivation in creating art for me is nature around and life itself. I’m inspired by the environment, people and emotions.My art is a reflection of beauty which surrounds us. I’m not only talking about physical aspects, but inner beauty fascinates me most. Everything in our world is created by the Universe and every single artist, as a part of it, can be a creature and a creator at the same time. The idea of generating worlds in the paintings empowers me. All my artworks live their own lives; have their particular story and unique spirit. From very beginning of the process (I call it a birth) having an idea, putting it on the canvas, wrapping it up and getting ready for the long-lasting life. This is how it works for me.

Each painting is like a separate book, the essence is the same: who we are and where we come from. Sometimes I wake up in the morning after having an enhance dream and I realize, I just got a new idea for my new paining. There are days when I’m sitting right in front of the canvas and having the feeling that someone guides my hand, like I have a magic brush. I never know how my painting will turn out in the end.

Art means everything to me. It’s like the strongest drug in your life you can’t live without. Once you take it, you’ll be hooked forever. Art also means – truth, the real soul of our life, it can’t be faked. In real life we ​​can play the roles, we can put the masks, have a poker face, but in the art world you can’t lie. During the process of the creating of the art, you express yourself; open your heart and soul to people. The idea is being myself and helping out other people to find their path in life.