I guess I was given to be an artist the day I was born. From my very early childhood I’ve known that the world around us is unusual and magical. I’ve been having fabulous dreams, feeling angels and spirits, who gave me the answers to my various questions. I have been creating my paintings since the time I remember myself. Painting for me is my life, the air I breathe, my food and water, my child and my family. It’s impossible for me not to create. Probably someone would describe me as a little insane but this is who I’m and I do I’m supposed to do. I feel it.

Once when I was six-month-old we were fresh out of milk. My mom went to buy some in the next door store and left me alone for a couple of minutes. When she got back she saw a real masterpiece on the wall created by her talented kid! I painted the wall with everything that I could find: yellow baby porridge, extremely red tomato juice and I didn’t forget to use everything I had in my diaper. I did my best to enhance all colors I used, so it was impossible to clean it up later. And the moment my mom saw that piece of art she claimed “She’s going to be an artist!”.

My country of birth was experiencing very hard time at that stage, therefore, my family moved to Israel. I was nine that time everything was so new. And that changed my life completely. I felt unusual land under my feet. I believe that land of Israel could change everyone’s life; it has a magnetic and an incredible spiritual power. This place is also an energy healer and I feel I passed through a lot of changes in my life. The government of Israel supported all spheres of art at all levels. So I started to exhibit my works there.

I have never been taught painting in any art schools, only in my dreams.

I didn’t have any doubts which school should I go to. Obviously, I tried to enter Israel School of Art. So, I needed to pass the interview with a school principal and tell a little introduction about myself, my past life, my expectations and my goals. I don’t have a clue why that peculiar story from my past crossed my mind at that moment, but I started to tell to the principal about my pig ride in Belorussian village when I was a kid. At that time I didn’t know anything about kosher law and of course, the interviewer was shocked, so I failed the interview and continued to learn painting in my dreams. Thanks to that cute pig I wasn’t forced to work within the limits of traditional school of painting. It could impact on my techniques and on me as an artist! But how could I learn to mix the paints, chiaroscuro, create the composition? All those skills come to me in my dreams. I see in my dreams different teachers who teach me painting. And step by step my dreams became brighter and the teachers came more often. Before the school, I used to draw sketches and after the school I paint them into the small pictures. And from this moment the combination between study in my dreams and painting in reality was successful.

There was a period when I couldn’t find a certain combination of paints for my painting for a long time. And one night I dreamed that somebody was trying to wake me up. I could barely open my eyes and I saw tall thick man lead me to my workshop. “Sit down, please” – he said and pointed to the chair next to the easel. Then he took off his hat and introduced: “I am Salvador Dali, try to remember how I’m going to mix the oils”. When I woke up in the morning I clearly remembered what colors and what proportions he had mixed. I reached my workshop and did exactly the same, so you can’t even imagine how surprised I was! I got the color I wanted! Since that moment Dali started to visit my dreams more often. He liked to criticize my works, advised how to enhance them. I tried to listen to him and followed his advices. I understand that stories about my dreams sound strange and unusual to other people, but my dreams are the continuation of my real life, that’s reality where I exist.

That period of my life was very productive; the tutor from my dreams was really helpful. And the time had come, when Dali said that I was ready and didn’t need his help anymore.

I have been creating my paintings since the time I remember myself. But it was difficult to sell them, because painting is a really hard work which doesn’t guarantee money for living. So I was forced to deviate from my artist’s path and earn for living in different ways. But frankly speaking I didn’t succeed in other professions. And one Sunday (I was living in Germany at that time) I visited an old cathedral and sat in front of the very old painting. When I saw this painting my heart stopped for a second which is actually rarely happened to me. I closed my eyes and asked higher forces to show me my path and promised to give up everything that I was doing at that moment.

Each time I remember these events it seems to me that it was a miracle.

I came out from the cathedral and went walking along the nice narrow streets. Suddenly I bumped with the cyclist. He immediately apologized and asked me “Are you an Artist?”. While I was confused by his unexpected question he rode away shouting: “Sorry, the Artist!”.I kept walking thinking about that strange meeting and when I looked around I saw an art shop straight in front of me! I must say that the art shop impresses me like jewelry shop impresses other girls. So I realized that it couldn’t be so many coincidences at once and bought five canvases, the easel and paints. I came back home with a strong intention to start painting. Before I start working I thanked higher forces for the signs they had given me that day. I took the paintbrush and all my problems faded away, I was painting my new life!

Since that moment I have devoted myself to the painting. Every day straight after breakfast I leave my body behind my workshop’s threshold and I started to paint. My soul creates new worlds on my canvases and only when it’s getting dark I finish my work and feel how languor fills all my body. Painting for me is my life, the air that I breathe, my food and water, my child and my family. It’s impossible for me not to paint. Probably I’m insane but there are no ordinary artists, they just do not exist.

We need to change ourselves and others. Only with the help of our love we are going to be able to change this world to the better side!

In 2014 I moved to the US, this great country gives me a lot of inspiration and also challenges me.